EduCare Model


  • Provides detailed information about the student’s learning process resulting in personalized learning plans.
  • Able to determine more precisely the academic strengths and weaknesses of each student.
  • Teachers and parents know what specific knowledge and skills a student has acquired.
  • Students advance academically based upon mastery, not upon age or grade level.
  • Extended Learning Opportunities such as apprenticeships, independent study, and blended learning with online courses.


  • Individual counseling with a cognitive behavioral focus at least twice weekly with additional counseling available.
  • Group counseling provided daily: Anger Management, Social Skills, Freedom from Anxiety, and more.
  • School Avoidance Services to work with a student and the family at home with the goal of transitioning the student back to school.
  • Parent Support Groups designed to deepen the connection to their child.
  • Board Certified Adolescent Psychiatric Consultants.
  • Additional services provided for substance abuse recovery.
  • Collaboration with Care Plus NJ and New Bridge Medical Center for effective discharge planning and transition.


  • Combines both therapeutic and positive intervention strategies in order to assist each student in developing the skills needed to become a self-managed individual.
  • An individual Positive Behavior Improvement Plan designed to provide each student with a set of positive goals, objectives, and strategies, based on the IEP.
  • Sustainable behavioral growth is based on intrinsic motivation to succeed.
  • Individualized Phase Level System reinforces each student for achieving his or her behavioral goals.
  • Each student moves from skill to skill at his/her own pace, developing self-esteem and confidence.
  • Qualitative and quantitative outcome indicators, measuring behavioral growth, which leads to new goals.
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