About Us

Paradigm Therapeutic Day School is a New Jersey Department of Education-approved private school for students ages 12-21 that provides clinical support and evidence-based curriculum to meet the health, wellness, and educational needs of students in northern New Jersey who have been identified by their school districts as benefiting from a more emotionally supportive environment. These characteristics may include mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, history of hospitalizations, school refusal, or substance abuse issues.

Many of the students that come through our doors have struggled for years with academic, social, and emotional failure giving them a sense of hopelessness in school. We give them the opportunity to shift that paradigm. Through a supportive and ‘learner-centered’ environment our program generates sustainable behavioral growth based on each student’s intrinsic motivation to succeed. 

By taking an integrated approach to care, our goal is to establish a supportive environment for students that addresses their entire academic, emotional and life skill needs. At the core of our program is EduCare, a transdisciplinary “student-centered model” in which students are given the tools needed for success through competency-based learning, clinical services, and a custom positive behavior support program. Our EduCare model, based on the most current research and best practices in special education, positive support and cognitive behavioral therapy, integrates the student experience into a seamless continuum of services.

With strong community connections and expertise in integrating the many dimensions of education and wellness, we are uniquely equipped to meet the needs of students and their families. As subsidiary of CarePlus NJ, a pioneer in integrated primary and behavioral health care services for adults and children, Paradigm has the added advantage to go above and beyond typical counseling standards, providing a level of mental health services not typically available in schools helping to drive each student’s individual educational and personal success.