Academic Services

The teaching/learning process at Paradigm Therapeutic Day School is designed to provide a structured academic program that is in compliance with state standards, while being sensitive to students who come to Paradigm with years of significant academic, social, and emotional challenges. The “Competency Based Learning” model meets this requirement by giving students a chance to master each skill at their own pace, developing self-confidence, and self-esteem as they meet each with success. By utilizing this teaching/learning model, our students advance academically upon mastery, not upon age or grade level. Pathways to competency are built with explicit and measurable learning objectives that align with core standards. Assessment through various measurement systems such as research assignments, book reports, tests, public speaking activities, and art or music projects allows teachers to evaluate performance standards. This custom evaluation process leads to planning, delivering and assessing new learning goals and objectives.

Our classroom environment is designed to support individual and small group instruction, limiting the size of each class to nine students. The “behavioral ecology” of each class is mindful of the social and emotional needs of each student by having small learning environments that allow students to work on independent projects or access online instructional technologies.